Learning Solutions

Quality Corporate Training Tailored To Meet Your Needs.

Our Services

Maarefah is a world leader in the design, development, & delivery of Competency, Learning & Development solutions, We pride ourselves on providing an efficient, helpful response to all customer enquiries. Our knowledgeable staff are always ready to listen to your needs and advise you on the most appropriate courses for your organization.

Expert Trainers

We don’t work with trainers unless they know their subject inside out and have a natural flair for teaching others. All of our trainers have extensive, international experience in the subject area they teach. This hands-on understanding helps our trainers pass on practical and relevant skills which can be applied straight away in your organization. Personality is important too: all of our trainers are friendly, supportive and have an infectious passion for the topics they teach.

Tailored Training

Maarefah provide bespoke corporate training programs which are designed to meet your specific requirements as an organization. After carefully assessing your needs, we’ll work closely with you to plan a highly individual training program that fits in with your demanding schedule. We provide both intensive short-term programs over a few days and comprehensive long-term programs which span several months. Our professional trainers from Europe can provide on-site training at your organization for your comfort and convenience.

Learning Techniques

We base our workshops on a mix of learning interventions, to reflect that people have different preferences in the way that they acquire and embed knowledge, We take seriously the learning and assessment of all our participants and take particular pride in equipping them with the skills and techniques that they will find useful in their everyday working life To enable the effective transfer of knowledge in to the work place, we place emphasis on accelerated and learner centred delivery techniques As part of our delivery, a selection of our exercises use MTa materials to promote experiential learning.

Training Sectors

  • Industrial Saftey
  • Industrial Operations
  • Interactive 3D Training
  • Industrial Modeling
  • Industrial Equipments
  • Custom Development
  • Industrial Control
  • Industrial Processes
  • Off-the-Shelf E-Learning